Negative Guest List Jukebox Single 7"

by Pink Reason

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Disordered Records, SOLD OUT (Brisbane)

Crazy record by Kevin Failure's highly productive brain. The first side is a bizarre remix of a song by The Hussy, which starts off as a psycho-glitch fiesta, then calms down into neo-kosmische head trippery. The flip is a cover of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" done in 'luded-out style that may be based on Pete Laughner's arrangement (which should, itself, be available sometime soon via Smog Veil or one of those places). -Byron Coley (The Wire - Aug. 2012)

(Yellow Green Red)
For as much as I expected this new Pink Reason single to be a “listen once and file” record, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. Flimsy hand-screened / hand-glued cover, a “remix” on the a-side and a cover of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” on the flip, a limited edition pressing… these are the things that get me to put on pants in the morning instead of jumping out the window. At their best, Pink Reason are incredible, and at their worst, Pink Reason are beyond horrible, so either way I figured I was in for a good time. So let’s get to it… “Wrong/Right (Dancehallocaust Remix)” is a remix of a song by The Hussy, and Kevin Reason’s help from Psychedelic Horseshit’s Matt Horseshit is smeared all over this one – sounds like drum-machines and guitars engaged in a Nerf battle where everyone ends up with rugburn. Probably won’t ever listen to it again, but it certainly lived up to my expectations. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, however, is a sleepy interpretation that’s all well and good, except that they go so far from trying to match W. Axl Rose that the various singers almost seem scared of filling his boots – the vocals are restrained and bored, and there isn’t a single ayy-ayy-yeah to be found. Even so, this record looks and feels cool enough that I’m willing to ignore the music’s shortcomings and continue to proudly own it.

(The Agit Reader)
Were it not for the spirit and blessing of the now departed Brendon Annesley, this wonderful oddity from Pink Reason might never exist. Originally slated for release on Negative Guest List (hence the title), Mr. Failure made it his mission, in the most roundabout of ways (full explanation comes with insert) to finally give this life. The single’s A-side, “Wrong/Right (Dancehallocaust Remix)” isn’t even a Pink Reason song, but it’s doubtful you’d recognize the material that’s being sliced, mutilated and diced here. Along with cohort Matt Horseshit, Failure takes a garage-laden Hussy song and morphs it into scattershot dub blaring like the Bomb Squad, then reverses it into a Tangerine Dream cosmos. Talk about the strangest turn yet for Pink Reason in a career of awfully strange turns. But wait, perhaps Failure’s best turn is the one heard on the flip. Forget about Axl Rose, Pink Reason make the Dylan classic “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” their own and then some, as Failure’s downer playing and laconic delivery latch to the song with an heightened sense of dismay (and even some hope towards the end). Failure even sings with himself in a kind of depressed baritone while a sole cello adds a gild to the wretchedness. It’s the perfect addition to the Pink Reason catalog and given the live band has quickly become a rollicking quartet, I’m half-expecting a Rolling Thunder Revue version to surface somewhere down the road.


released June 23, 2012

Side A:
Wrong/Right (The Hussy) Dancehallocaust Remix

"This is a remix of The Hussy's Wrong/Right. Why did we (Kevin Failure/Matt Horseshit) remix a song by The Hussy? Because Bazooka Joe asked us too, and they're nice kids from WI. Unfortunately the man was disappointed by the results and refused to include it on their single as planned. Sounds like if Brian Eno was trying to make Breakcore on an iPhone using only The Hussy samples." - Kevin De Broux

Side B:
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (G 'n' R)

"This is a studio recording featuring Jack Mannix (Circle Pit) on lead guitar and vocals, John Eastridge (Great Escape) on drums and vocals, and a dude named Carl that none of you know on Cello. The song featured extra editing and production by Matt Horseshit." - Kevin De Broux



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Brisbane bases Record Label created by the late great Brendon Annesley a.k.a B.A. and Marriah Geles (CEO and Co-Founder).

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