Burning Trash b​/​w Price of My Words 7"

by Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

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NGL016, Edition of 300 copies

Two unreleased tracks from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, taken from a '95 demo (possibly funded by Dinosaur Mahaffey) that mostly featured tracks which would later appear on their second LP ''Straight to Video'. B-side “Price of My Words” is described by Ron as an eggy version of “Lightnin' Rod” from said record, while A-side is a woozy, entirely new, old hit sure to give you a hangover tomorrow. (Brendon Annesley/Negative Guest List)

Hey, it’s two TJSA songs you’ve probably never heard before, courtesy of some folks from Australia who appreciate the finer things America has to offer. Demo recording quality = monster scuzz; Ron House taunting you behind the Strip-o-gram of “Burning Trash” and downright nasty guitarist Bob Petric offering up more belligerence in “Price of My Words” which, with the going exchange rate, might be like $12 U.S. I won’t be the first to tell you that the national treasure on the mic is worth at least twice that. Why wait? (Doug Mosurock/Still Single)

It’s cool when labels finagle the release of one of their inspirations, which I assume comes into play with this Negative Guest List release of two sixteen year-old Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments songs (and presumably where the label/zine picked up its name). I was never a big TJSA guy, even though my recent pick-up of their Fat Day split 7″ kinda shook me by the throat with its Midwestern rage. These two tracks were plucked from a 1995 demo, one of which apparently made it to an album around that time. (I’m using a cheat-sheet here – trust me, I couldn’t pick a Cheater Slicks album title from a Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments one if my life depended on it.) Both songs are good, even if it’s somewhat evident why these versions didn’t leave an expired demo tape for over a decade. I don’t really need to hear this single many more times, but hey, sometimes a label’s gotta put its money where its mouth is when it comes to respecting their elders. (Yellow Green Red)

Double-shot of unreleased '95 demos from the legendary TJSA that is a boon for cult-members and a real victory of a release for NGL Inc. "Burning Trash" swings with House's always authoritative vocal swagger and some filthy guitar work. My wife seriously just asked me if I was listening to Neil Young. I have no idea what to say about that. "Price of My Words" is an "eggy"(!?) version of "Lightin' Rod" from the 'Straight to Video' album according to House, and it ups the tempo and throws a bit more gasoline on the guitar. TJSA + raw "demo quality" recordings = big winner. Brendon should be very proud of this release, and hopefully this stokes the coals under CDR to get both the Psandwitch LP out and get that TJSA reissue campaign rolling...(RK/Terminal Boredom)


released June 26, 2012



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Brisbane bases Record Label created by the late great Brendon Annesley a.k.a B.A. and Marriah Geles (CEO and Co-Founder).

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